Details About Shrink Wrap Sealers

Shrink wrap sealers are machines designed for sealing shrink wrap bags or films. Shrink wraps are among the most inexpensive kinds of packaging available now. Shrink wrap sealers are basically categorized into two – impulse heat shrink wrap sealers and direct heat shrink wrap sealers. Find the best dealer for Innovative and Reliable Shrink Wrap Supplies.

Details About Shrink Wrap Sealers

The urge heat shrink wrap sealer is used for sealing thermoplastic materials that require low temperatures to shrink. The direct heat sealer shrink wrap sealer, better called continuous heat shrink wrap sealer, is usually used for sealing thick thermoplastic materials like polyethylene.

Based on the type and rate, shrink wrap sealers are categorized into mobile shrink wrap sealers, hand shrink wrap sealers, foot shrink wrap sealers and constant ring shrink wrap sealers. Of these, the mobile shrink wrap sealer is the most lightweight and compact device and therefore remarkably popular.

A hand shrink wrap sealer is the easiest form of shrink wrap sealer, resembling a large stapler. Hand shrink wrap sealers, as its name suggests, are operated by hand.

Commonly found hand shrink wrap sealers are TISH series hand sealer, W-series hand sealer, shrink wrap sealer with the cutter, 24" portable impulse sealer, shrink wrap sealer with cutter and beeper, and hand kind double impulse sealers.

Hand shrink wrap sealers can be found in 200mm, 300mm, or 400mm length with a 2mm or 5mm wide seal. The purchase price of hand shrink wrap sealers vary. A very simple hand shrink wrap sealer costs $50 and over, while specially designed hand shrink wrap sealers cost more than $250.

The foot shrink wrap sealer is a sealing apparatus controlled by a pedestal. It can seal approximately 8-20 bundles per minute. Therefore, foot shrink wrap sealers are better for quicker sealing operation.