How To Use Drilling Your Own Water Well?

Drilling businesses charge big dollars to tap into groundwater which you can often reach yourself with a mobile well drilling rig. But the actual question is that should you attempt to drill your own water well?

If your home is at the top of a mountain that is composed of hard rock and the water label is 1600 ft. down it is probably not wise, obviously that there are a number of situations which are simply not practical.

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Also exploring the geology and the water table depth of the surrounding region would be wise before investing in a mobile well drilling rig. After doing your research you realize that your requirements are optimal it is quite feasible to drill your own well. Are you a rancher seeking to water your cows?

Do you want to establish a small hunting lodge on rural land? Are you looking to purchase rural property to construct a home on that does not possess a well or county water? These are simply a few of the examples were drilling your personal well could be helpful and help you save money.

Things to remember:

  1. Always have water flowing into the drill bit to flush out debris. This is done using a water swivel attached between the gearbox and the drill pipe.
  2. When”coming from this pit” clamp the drill string before disconnecting drill pipe, this prevents losing the entire drill string down the well.

Automotive price of a mobile drilling rig is about $2000. The average cost of employing a drilling company is around $7000. If your drilling conditions are practical and you do not mind plenty of hard work drilling your own water well may be just for you!