The Faith Behind Catholic Christians Belief

In this period of time where everything has been modernized, it is quite remarkable how others have kept their faith intact. They pray, praise, believe and trust the process simply because they know God is always with them. And pulls you through, out from your problems, sufferings and other bewilderments. But mostly, the faith has been made strong and formidable because of certain belief that Parousia would come.

That is a Greek term which means end of this time and at the same time marks the second coming of Jesus Christ. Catholics and Christians has been so hopeful and positive that this day would really come sooner because that is stated on some verses right on the bible. And it describes the event in several apocalyptic signs.

No one knows when this will be or if this will ever happen. But, while these individuals wait, they say that they have to follow the orders of the Lord so that their souls will be saved when the time comes. And it is rather pleasant to say that they have been really walking right at the path where Jesus have trailed.

However, doing what is right should not only be for the salvation purposes alone. If you are going to do and follow the orders of the Lord, you should not only aim for survival of your soul but it should be because that is what you think is right. You should be kind genuinely to others even if your soul do not get saved.

The honesty in your heart as you do what you think is better for you and better for other people is more important than hypocrisy. You should know that the Lord sees what the heart and mind is, whether or not you are sincere with your serving, it shows and it will be judged accordingly sooner or later.

True enough, this can really be a scary scenario if it happens. People will die, race would not survive, the world ends and everything would come to an end. But somehow, seeing how the humanity has suffered through the years, maybe, just maybe a fresh start is what everyone needs for the betterment of the world.

People have come too greedy of the power, fame, money and other materialistic things which has simply lead them array to the words of the Lord. People are fighting and declaring war for a piece of land or property which is so irrelevant. Some say, it is a sign of love for the country, for the land and freedom but it is not.

It is not love to fight and hurt each other for whatever you are fighting for. It is greed and fear for scarcity and inferiority. Each one of us wants to be ahead, want to be on top and in control of everything. Manipulation for the sake of being respected and looked upon as well as getting everything the greedy heart wants.

The world is full of that right now. And perhaps not everyone believes about second coming, but still it is early to tell whether or not it will happen. But at this rate, life sustainability is shaky and surely coming to an end if the war and abuse continues. Sooner or later, the Earth would give up. Prophecy or science, whatever you believe, the important thing is you stand for what is right.